My name is Marta.
I’m a textile designer and fashion designer. I work as a freelancer at murkydesign.
My area of interest is quite broad. I mix my knowledge and experience from media, marketing, project management, fashion and design. I like learning and I learn very fast. I have a natural skill of streamlining any process. My brain just likes optimizing and ordering everything around me that it seams to be quite useful in companies.
CAD/CAM System
I am a trainer of StyleCAD i.e. CAD/CAM system for apparel, lingerie, furniture and technics industry. I teach how to create patterns, markers and optimize production process in companies where you minimize the usage of fabrics. I give hands-on training in clients’ office and offer on-line support to StyleCAD users. I also create simple PDF files and video instructions how the program features work.
Print Design and Fashion Design
I create a small fashion brand where I focused on print design. I create repeat patterns that are printed on fabrics like silk, polyester mixed fabrics and cotton. I love minimalism and bold impactful design but still make them wearable.
Fashion Flats and Tech Packs
I know that fashion design in more than artesian fashion drawing. There is a technology behind every seam and every cut. I create technical fashion drawings and technical information booklets about a product (i.e. tech packs) that point the most essential information how the product should be produced. I know how to create sewing pattern that helps me a lot during CAD trainings and developing my own designs.
3D Fashion Design
3D fashion design is my big goal. I create 3D visualization of fashion design working on avatars and make 3D visual concept of the design from scratch. I mix fashion design knowledge with pattern design in CAD system expertise to create 3D fashion mockups in VStitcher by Browzwear or CLO 3D. I help companies to use the most cutting edge solutions that minimize time and investment needed for clothing development.
If you think that I can help you and your business to get better just contact me by email ( or by contact form.
See you around!

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